Top 9 LMS Tools You Need to Know

Essential for those who want to offer a digital environment in which it is possible to apply quality educational content and promote the learning process, whether in free courses or training, LMS tools allow the manager and teacher to monitor the evolution of their students/employees. In addition, having a system that brings a good diversity of LMS tools contributes to elevating the learning experience for all involved and providing all the security they want and deserve.

 To know the main LMS tools, check their advantages and applicability, just keep reading!

What is LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. In practical terms, it is a software that concentrates several functionalities to manage, track, issue reports, check payments and deliver educational courses and distance training and qualification programs. Designed to detect gaps in the learning process, through analytical data and reports , this system relies on technology and intelligent algorithms to analyze the performance of its users, offer them a dynamic and functional teaching process and provide tutors with and coaches an effective monitoring of their performance.

What LMS tools should an EAD system have?

In order for the experience to be high for both ends, that is, for both students/staff and tutors/managers, a distance learning software must present the LMS tools described below.

Security Certificate

To ensure the privacy and security of students, it is essential to analyze whether the software has an SSL security certificate installed. Based on encryption, it not only protects sensitive information, but also prevents interception of information by third parties during data transfer.

Robust API

A robust API allows the automation of student registration, enrollment and payments , standardizing processes, offering more control over bureaucratic issues and simplifying and optimizing management.

Integration with other solutions

By allowing integration with other solutions, it is possible not only to know when a person has purchased a course, but also to analyze the moment when an employee completed their training, a crucial aspect to monitor their dedication and commitment.

In addition, this functionality checks for delays in payments, which helps to combat delinquency.

Online Forums

By presenting forums , students and collaborators are able to answer, in an easy and uncomplicated way, their doubts about the contents of the courses. In addition, this tool allows the trainer/teacher to instigate the engagement of the participants, which improves the learning process and enhances the tutor /trainer’s view of the members’ evolution.


Applying tests is a vital practice to analyze the performance of the students and find out if the content of the training and qualification is being assimilated well.

Content library

A library can make life a lot easier for those who offer an online course/training. This is because it allows the use of all the content, eliminating the need to register new files, videos and other types of materials.

Performance reports

To assess how well training is being used and to analyze student achievement in a course, a system must rely on performance reports. Through them, it is possible to have a complete view of the student/staff experience.


The certificates symbolize that the students’ dedication and effort were not in vain. In addition to raising participants’ self-esteem, certificates increase a company’s credibility in the market and boost sales. After all, people like to display certificates on their resumes.

Responsive design

A study released by IG revealed that 46% of students said they attend classes via their cell phone. Therefore, one of the main learning management system tools of a system is responsive design. In addition to ensuring that the learning experience is good for mobile devices, responsive design gives mobile devices a more intuitive, easier and more enjoyable process.


 Where to find a platform that features all these tools?

Fortunately, the national market currently has good LMS software that offers these tools. Given this, it is necessary to analyze the trust and reputation of the companies that are providing them. This is the case of EAD platform , which, in addition to presenting the various resources and tools described in the post, has a high level of satisfaction among its customers, in addition to a growth of more than 300% in 2020.

Ensuring a high experience for managers/educators, as well as for employees and students, the EAD platform represents an interesting alternative both for companies that want to increase their online training, as well as for professionals who want to have a new source of income, as well as for teachers who want to monitor, up close and virtually, the learning process of their students.


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