About LMS

Within companies, the LMS proves to be a powerful tool for training and developing employees, in addition to contributing to the individual development plan (PDI) , increasing talent retention.

That’s because, it can be integrated with a people management tool . Thus, the HR sector, together with managers and leaders, after mapping the behavioral profile of employees and separating them into groups, can define the learning path in a personalized way so that each one can improve their strengths and improve their weaknesses. .

In addition, with most companies implementing work from home as a way to protect their human capital , they now see how remote work can bring many benefits to the organization and quality of life for employees. But knowledge cannot be left behind if the company wants to have a high-performance team.

Therefore, the LMS reduces the costs of training and courses that previously required the rental of physical space and the purchase of materials, in addition to allowing them to be carried out remotely from the most varied electronic devices and at a better time, according to the routine of each employee. .

Furthermore, the system allows a large amount of data storage in one place, for example, in a cloud. Thus, the company eliminates paper and excel sheets once and for all, leaving all employee data better organized and accessible.