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5 Advantages of the Learning Management System

Distance education has become increasingly common, given the greater ease with which it is inserted into people’s daily lives, especially those who need to reconcile study with other commitments. For this scenario to develop, Distance Learning (EAD) needs tools that help it to consolidate itself as an effective teaching-learning methodology. Thus, Learning Management System are fundamental tools in this online educational ecosystem, as they contain resources that help monitor learning, provide better professional performance and drive the evolution of the job market.

Continue reading and learn more about the LMS and the main advantages of this system.

What is Learning Management System (LMS)?

The translation of Learning Management System is Learning Management System, a tool that provides several resources for online education.

The LMS not only stores and distributes educational content (example: video lessons and materials), but also has other resources that allow you to follow the evolution of knowledge acquisition (examples: points and evaluation systems, chat, answering questions, reports).

In this sense, the LMS system is designed to transmit knowledge and also provide monitoring and pedagogical support, bringing clear contributions to the teaching-learning process in the virtual environment.

Therefore, an LMS platform is the solution for those who need to implement distance learning effectively. In other words, having at your disposal features that facilitate access to education and make the distribution and acquisition of knowledge more efficient and innovative.

learning management system

What are the advantages of an learning management system platform?

Given the variety of resources available that facilitate the online teaching-learning process, we can highlight, as main benefits:

1- Scalability of learning management system

Unlike in physical environments, there is no limit to the number of students who can access an LMS platform.

Thus, thousands of users can enroll in the same course, as well as access the content simultaneously without harming others.

2- Inclusion

People with disabilities have more opportunities to access digital education.

The LMS system equals the possibilities of anyone, as it is subject to configurations, such as: adjustments in font size, screen contrasts, subtitles and/or transcripts of content and corrections in the audio system.

3- Practicality

Just connect to the internet and you can access content available on an LMS platform from anywhere in the world, whether from a mobile device or computer.

Another possibility is to configure it according to your needs or that of your team.

Adding courses for your employees to attend, allocating them into groups, issuing reports and carrying out evaluations, are some examples that guarantee greater efficiency.

4- Flexibility

LMS platforms can provide resources that make the study routine more flexible.

It is possible to create a personalized study schedule, advance topics, find subjects of interest according to your needs and consume them according to your availability and preference.

The LMS system allows students to watch classes whenever they want, download courses and use the interface very easily and intuitively.

In addition, the LMS allows frequent interactions with teachers and even classmates, either through group chats or forum responses, allowing for dynamism and flexibility of contact.

5- Productivity

The personalized experience encourages the engagement of students and managers in distance learning, as it is easy to watch and download courses to develop their skills later, in addition to interactivity in the virtual space and customizable settings.

Since the LMS makes it possible to monitor the development of students, this tool allows, in addition to the training offered, the recognition of professionals who are constantly updated.

Some managers use this system to create a Corporate University that allows them to monitor, direct training, monitor performance and also reward employees who are most engaged in their studies.

Thus, while the resources available in an LMS system empower employees, they also allow them to reinvent their careers.

Why start an EAD course of learning management system

The LMS provides a structured environment for EAD efficiency.

With this system, it is possible to combine excellent content to keep up to date and continuously train.

LMS platforms allow the study and retention of knowledge, as they increase student engagement and, in addition, bring together all the content in one place, which can be accessed at any time, device and place.

The classroom no longer needs to be physical, as the internet expands horizons and allows professional training in a practical and flexible way.

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